Metron OÜ offers welding and assembly services for small series production. We manufacture machine components, various parts for production and construction as outsourcing services. We weld black and stainless metal and aluminium. In addition, we offer our partners through subcon-tractors laser cutting, bending, CNC sharpening-cutting, powder coating and galvanizing services.

Why us?

Metron OÜ relies on its skills, quality and experience. We have long experience in metal processing, production and sales. Our team is experienced in all stages of these works. We have, as a team, obtained knowledge on metal processing and manufacturing for over 40 years. We believe that with our knowledge and skills we can be your best partner.

Our services

Stainless welding

TIG and MIG/MAG welding – we have the capacity to produce complex details and special solutions.

Mild steel welding

TIG and MIG/MAG welding – we work with various pipe profiles and sheet metal, and make subsequent surface treatment and finishing.

Aluminum welding

TIG welding – high quality and complex solutions, welding and assembly of various parts

Abrasive cleaning

We clean metal from rust and dirt for further processing in dust-free environments

Powder coating

Finishing of metal surfaces by powder coating. We offer a selection of colours across the entire RAL catalog.


During hot dip galvanizing, metal parts get a corrosion protection layer that is durable and maintenance-free.