Our services

We specialize  in more complex and precise welding works and the assembly of product or product components. We mainly offer outsourcing services to engineering, manufacturing and construction companies. Our production base and skilled workforce are qualified for both recurring serial production and one-off special projects.
Most of the welding and assembly production is made in our production site and is mostly related to precision work, various components that fall within the weight range 0.1-150 kg.

We manufacture metal constructions from pipe profiles, sheet material and steel parts. We offer our customers all services related to the field – metal cutting and bending, including special surfaces. All services are related to our core business – welding work. If necessary, we use the services of our cooperation partners. In case of full service, we offer grinding and surface finishing, so we take full responsibility for the product and provide warranty.

Metal welding:

  • Welding with water-cooled Kemppi and EWM equipment
  • Welding on a rotator
  • TIG (tungsten inert gas welding) - welding with non-consumable tungsten electrode in an inert gas environment
  • MIG/MAG - inert gas welding and active gas welding

We have an efficient supply chain to get necessary materials; we also work with the materials supplied by the customer.

Additional services:

  • Grinding of metal assemblies
  • Finishing of metal assemblies - powder coating, ceramic and glass ball spray works, galvanizing.